29,7x21cm, Kresba

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
How to write english poetry?
I have no clue.
But I´ll try my best
to do this request.
A memory test, before I go west.
Instead of 14 days, it´s been 4 months.
And what have I done?
Drank a lot of beer and little bit of rum.
Woofing and roofing and had a lot of fun.
One greenhouse renovation.
Second greenhouse new foundation.
Some water irrigation.
Solar panel installation.
Bit of exploration.
This is my kind of education.
Planted potatoes in the upper field.
Made a skunk protection shield.
I was building a bridge.
Always found food in the fridge.
I was making fire wood, falling trees,
cutting low branches, catching bees.
Did a bit of weeding, but not much on my knees.
Did much more mosquito feeding.
Smoked some weed like hippies.
Was completely blessed, being here.
Like when I sneeze.
Celebrated birthday, collected some hay.
Witnessed bear mama with her cubs.
Gave Cassie lot of rubs.
Never missed a full moon.
Saw the whole place bloom.
But most of all.
How family can work together as a whole.
How long relationship can still be filled with love.
What a wonderful creation people are capable of.
Thank you so much for having me here.
For all the amazing food.
For the feeling like I´m home.
For being part of the family.
Being in paradise, for just a little mosquito tax.
May you be happy, filled with love, peace and harmony.

Mám zájem

Láska, štěstí, mír a harmonie.